Wisent HS11-1624 Set

HS11-1624 Set

HS11-1624 Set

Punch set

Portable hydraulic HS11-1624 Punch set including punch bracket, 5 meter hose set, aggregate and punch + die Ø22 mm

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 7.800,00 excl. BTW 9.438,00 incl. BTW

Product description

HS11-1624 Set

  • Large capacity punching bracket
  • Suitable for steel and stainless steel (anti-vibration)
  • Double acting
  • Fast, safe and quiet
  • Easily movable
  • Centering device, automatic punching cycle

Complete with

  • Punch bracket
  • 5 meter hose set
  • Aggregate
  • Punch + die Ø22 mm

Technical specifications

Max. punch capacity

26 mm

Max. punch thickness

16 mm

Max. throat depth

110 mm

Max. pressure kgf/cm


Max. output


Ram stroke

25 mm

Hole making time with HA14B

7 sec.

Weight bracket

30 kg

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